About Us

Debra, Wimberly & Llew
Westside Creamery's original founders, Greg and Maggie Smith's vision was to integrate  healthy, homegrown fruits, vegetables and other ingredients from Georgia's local growers and suppliers into delectable, hand-crafted ice-cream and sorbet. Westside's Creamery's new owners/operators, Debra and Llew Eastern, affectionately known as the Queen & King of Cream are carrying out that same tradition.

Every spoon of our delicious farm-to-bowl ice cream is made with loving care.  So enjoy an individual scoop or two, add some coke to make a float, or treat yourself to our infamous
ice cream sandwich made-to-order with your choice of cream or sorbet nested between two mouth-watering homemade cookies. Whatever makes you happy, our goal remains the same - to watch you reminisce your childhood ice-cream truck-chasing days, while satisfying that grown-up kid who still lives within you.

Just as important as our focus on flavor is our love of community, other businesses who supply our needs, and you - our consumers!

Our mission is simple - To provide our customers Kingdom Quality products & service!

Your Queen & King of Cream